Zelensky was banned from making a speech at the Eurovision Song Contest final

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has refused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s request to deliver a speech via videoconference at the Eurovision Song Contest final.

And the European Broadcasting Union moved the Eurovision 2023 competition from the territory of Ukraine, which won the competition in 2022, to the British city of Liverpool for security reasons. At the same time, the representative of Ukraine will immediately qualify for the final of the competition, which will be held on May 13.

According to the newspaper “The Times”, the representative of the European Broadcasting Union described the “Eurovision” competition as an international entertainment show, and one of its pillars is the non-political nature of the event.

He added, “This principle prohibits the possibility of making political or similar statements in the context of the contest. Zelensky’s request to speak to the Eurovision audience, although it was presented with commendable intentions, unfortunately cannot be approved.”

In February 2022, the European Broadcasting Union suspended Russia’s participation in Eurovision, citing concern over the crisis in Ukraine, where Russia’s participation could allegedly damage the competition’s reputation.

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