Within the coronation ceremony of King Charles .. “The Stone of Destiny” raises controversy in Britain

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” published a report on the “Stone of Destiny”, and whether it will be used in the coronation of King Charles, tomorrow, Saturday, as part of the ceremony.

The newspaper said that the Stone of Destiny was the subject of intense speculation in the period leading up to the coronation, as it is known as the “Sukun” stone, and the stone was an ancient symbol of the King of Scotland for several centuries, and since it is a sacred thing, its first origins are unknown until now, and it was stored in the Great Hall of the castle. Edinburgh since 1996.

The newspaper said: In 1296, King Edward I of England seized the stone from the Scots, and it was built into a new throne in Westminster, and since then it has been in the coronation ceremonies of the kings of England and Great Britain.

The Stone of Destiny

Will the Stone of Destiny be used for coronation?

There was a lot of anticipation surrounding the potential use of the Stone of Destiny at Charles’ coronation, so its historical ties to the monarchy run very deep.

And the newspaper pointed out that for the first time in more than 25 years the stone has left Scotland, and it will be used in the coronation ceremony of King Charles, located under the coronation presidency, and the coronation chair was specially built with the stone under it, and its return will be a challenge.

And the newspaper confirmed that the stone is more fragile than it appears, thanks to the fact that it was dropped when it was stolen from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day in 1950, and it had to be repaired, and it was found in a daring raid by Scottish nationalists Ian Hamilton, Gavin Vernon and Kay Matheson. And Alan Stewart.

The British people in the United Kingdom are preparing to witness the coronation ceremony of King Charles III, tomorrow, Saturday, in the largest festive event since the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth, the mother of King Charles, in 1953, with a majestic show and a huge military parade.

Buckingham Palace confirmed that the coronation of Charles will take place on May 6 in a ceremony that “will reflect the role of the king today and look to the future.” The coronation ceremony will be held in Westminster Abbey, London, and will be moderated by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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