Ukrainian Ambassador: The UN is “not perfect” but we have no alternative

Sergey Kislitsa, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations, confirmed that the United Nations is “not perfect”, in the presence of a “discredited” Security Council, but ignoring it is “irresponsible”, stressing the weight of General Assembly resolutions condemning the Russian invasion.

Sergey Kislitsia said, during an interview with “Agence France Presse”, that the United Nations is not perfect, and this has been the case since its birth in 1945, and added: “We should not have illusions about the United Nations … but do we have an alternative to the United Nations? No.”

He added: “Therefore, the easiest way and the most irresponsible thing is to turn the back on the United Nations,” referring to a “bundle” of countries with very diverse opinions and it is necessary to deal with them.

The Ukrainian ambassador continued, “The General Assembly and the member states are a picture of the world as it is. We may not like it, but this is the world.”

Since the Russian invasion in February 2022, Ukraine and its allies have planned to pass resolutions condemning Moscow in the United Nations General Assembly.

The last of these decisions was approved on the anniversary of the invasion last February, when called for an overwhelming majority of “141 votes against seven against the text and 32 abstentions,” the immediate withdrawal of Russian forces.

“This is not a symbolic matter, but rather a real blow directed at Russia, which is spreading its narrative that the world is tired and is no longer interested in war,” said Sergey Kislitsia, noting that these decisions contribute to strengthening the “steadfastness” of the Ukrainian people.

Therefore, even if the UN Security Council, “paralyzed” in the Ukrainian file because of Russia’s right of veto, has “severely lost its credibility in the eyes of the Ukrainians, and not alone, this does not mean that the organization as a whole has failed,” referring to other agencies of the international organization such as the Commission. High Commissioner for Refugees.

On the other hand, Russia’s assumption of the rotating presidency of the Security Council for a month until Sunday constituted a “blow to the image” of the United Nations, as the ambassador lamented. He expressed his hope to reform this “morally perverted system,” whose foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, saw a meeting on defending the principles of the United Nations Charter.

“It made me sick, but I’m used to being sick,” Kislitsia said. “This city is full of hypocrisy. The United Nations is a polluted place, not a piece of paradise.”

But the Ukrainian ambassador also calls for not forgetting the “success of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in concluding an agreement for the export of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea.”

He referred to a Secretary General who was clear in his condemnation of the Russian invasion and saluted his “strong moral values ​​and commitment”.

As for the establishment of a special tribunal to try those responsible for the Russian aggression, it remains to know whether that will pass through the United Nations or not, an open question.

A few months ago, Ukraine called for a General Assembly resolution.

The ambassador noted that “discussions are continuing” today. He believes that “passing this in the General Assembly or some other body is important, but it does not constitute the crux of the question.

He said that the main issue is how accountability for the crime of aggression will be held, stressing, “We must not allow this to fail.”

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