Two Indian soldiers were killed in a clash in Kashmir

On Friday, the Indian army announced that two soldiers were killed in the Indian-administered region of Kashmir, in a bomb explosion attributed to rebels in the disputed region.

The Indian army has been conducting searches in the Rajouri district, near the border with Pakistan, since last month, in search of rebels it accuses of being behind an attack on a military truck that killed five soldiers.

The army said in a statement that a search team “found a group of terrorists holed up in a cave” in an area “densely wooded with rocky heights and deep cliffs”.

He added that as a result, the rebels detonated an explosive device, killing two soldiers and wounding four others, according to the statement.
Agence France-Presse was unable to independently verify these facts.

Anger over Indian rule in Kashmir has been mounting since 2019, when New Delhi revoked the region’s autonomy.

Since 1999, rebel groups have been fighting 500 thousand soldiers deployed in the area under the control of India, to demand the independence of their region or its annexation to Pakistan.

This rebellion has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people, including civilians, soldiers and military personnel so far.

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