The World Food Program warns of famine in Sudan due to high prices

The World Food Program announced the start of distributing food aid to Sudanese refugees who fled to Chad, as the program confirmed that it provided large quantities of maize, legumes, oil and salt, sufficient to feed 20,000 people for 30 days.

World Food Program warnings

The World Food Program confirmed that the current situation in Sudan will witness a deterioration during the coming period in terms of food security, as the program expects the arrival of tens of thousands of Sudanese refugees in light of the continued shooting and the existence of a clear deficit in the budget of the World Food Program due to the lack of financial assistance from donors.
In the same context, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimated that nearly 100,000 new Sudanese refugees would arrive in Chad in the coming weeks, in addition to another 170,000 in South Sudan.

Threats of starvation

For her part, Brenda Kariuki, representative of the program for regional liaison in East Africa, warned of the continuation of the crisis and fighting in Sudan, noting that the continuation of the conflict will have long-term consequences, explaining that only the beginning is a price increase of more than 28% in the various states of Sudan. which threatens starvation.
Kariuki denounced the continued collapse of the security situation that impedes the program’s operations, calling on all parties to stop the fighting and restore calm so that assistance can be provided to those affected.

It is noteworthy that the armed clashes in Sudan during the past few days caused a rapid rise in the prices of food commodities, specifically in the places adjacent to the Sudanese border with its neighbours, where the World Food Program confirmed that the cities near the Sudanese border with the state of Chad witnessed an increase in the prices of “maize” by 50%. in one week.

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