The Palestinian Struggle Front calls for the internationalization of the issue of prisoners to form a public opinion pressure to support them

On Sunday, the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front stressed the need to internationalize the issue of prisoners, and to deliver messages about their suffering and the repressive measures they are subjected to, to form a public opinion that is pressured and supportive of their cause, and to expand the circle of public participation in activities of support and solidarity with prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons.

And the Front stressed, in a press statement, on the occasion of the Palestinian Prisoner’s Day, which falls on Monday, that “ensure the rights of prisoners and their families and their entitlements, and that their national and humanitarian cause should not be subject to blackmail and bargaining.”

The Palestinian government and the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs called for more support for the steadfastness of the prisoners and the care of their families, renewing its call to the international community and human rights institutions to assume its responsibilities and to actively intervene to protect the prisoners in the occupation prisons, and to compel the occupation to abide by international laws and conventions, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention, and to work hard for their release. for all prisoners.

The Front added that the Palestinian Prisoner’s Day is an occasion to unify all efforts and energies to support the steadfastness of our brave prisoners, and to emphasize that the issue of prisoners will always remain at the forefront of our people’s national tasks until all prisoners and detainees are liberated from the occupation’s pastels.

The Front saluted the brave prisoners in the prisons of the occupation, renewing the pledge to the martyrs of the captive movement and all the martyrs of the Palestinian people to continue the struggle until achieving its goals of freedom, return, independence and the establishment of the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The Front indicated the need to perpetuate the memory of the martyrs of the captive movement in the Palestinian Book of Struggle and Eternity, where more than 232 martyrs of the prisoners died, and about (4,500) Palestinian prisoners are still in the occupation prisons, including (550) prisoners suffering from diseases of various degrees and difficult health conditions. .

The Front called for considering the Palestinian Prisoner’s Day an occasion to escalate popular resistance in the face of the occupation, its policies and measures, and to confront all settlement plans and attempts to isolate and Judaize Jerusalem.

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