Sudanese army: “Rapid Support” looted the stores of the Red Crescent in Khartoum North

The Sudanese army said, in an urgent statement, today, Friday, that the Rapid Support Forces “looted” the Red Crescent’s stores in Khartoum North.

Elements of the rebel militia stormed a warehouse belonging to the Red Crescent in the industrial area, Bahri, Sika Street. The store contained four-wheel drive vehicles and food and medical supplies. The group stole a four-wheel drive vehicle with plate 112 and the organization’s logo on it.

The intensity of the attacks decreased

In a related context, the Sudanese army revealed yesterday that the intensity of the attacks on the vicinity of the General Command has decreased and that the operational situation so far is stable, according to the “Cairo News” channel.

The Sudanese army added – in a statement – that the air force directed concentrated strikes on enemy military convoys that were on their way to Khartoum, noting that the air strike destroyed 100 vehicles with all their equipment.

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