“Sudan doctors”: imminent collapse of the health system in the country

The Sudan Doctors Syndicate announced, in urgent news, today, Friday, that the collapse of the country’s health system is imminent, according to Sky News news network.

The Medical Syndicate added, in a statement, that health facilities in the country are out of service, due to the clashes and breach of the armistice.

The Egyptian Red Crescent teams provide infant formula for those coming from Sudan

In a related context, the Red Crescent teams announced their keenness to provide infant formula, and even personal care facilities were provided to all those coming from Sudan.

The Red Crescent added, in a statement, that as soon as the citizens from Sudan arrive, they go directly to the tents launched by the Egyptian Red Crescent, which provide them with accommodation and cold water and juices.

He continued, so far, sterilization materials are available that are used upon the arrival of the bus and disembarkation of passengers, and the bus and some belongings and luggage carried by the transit through the Arqin land crossing are sterilized.

Medical conditions in Sudan

In turn, Mohamed Ibrahim, a spokesman for the Sudanese Ministry of Health, explained earlier the medical conditions in Sudan, and the obstacles that the ministry is facing now, after the clashes that occurred during the past days.

And Sudanese media reported that the total number of wounded in the clashes has so far reached 2,941, and the number of deaths in hospitals is 199, and the power outage is one of the most important challenges facing the health sector in Sudan.

Ibrahim continued the power outages in a number of hospitals in Sudan, and that there are 99 hospitals out of 134 that provide service, explaining that there has been no increase in medical supplies so far, and there are great difficulties in accessing hospitals and the medical staff is being redistributed to nearby hospitals.

This came after the intense clashes that the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, and some other areas have been facing since Saturday, April 15th.

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