Russian Federation: China will continue to cooperate with Moscow

Russian Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko affirmed on Monday that China will continue unwavering cooperation with Russia, following her meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

Matviyenko said, “We discussed many issues of Russian-Chinese interaction, and despite the new conditions that we all live in, the relationship between Russia and China is not subject to any circumstances or any external political influence because China is a very serious and responsible country.”

She indicated that she had concluded through all the meetings and talks she had during her visit to China that Beijing would continue to continuously cooperate with Russia; To maintain the existing friendship between the two countries and the two peoples.

Matviyenko described the Chinese president as very wise and independent, and his main goal is to defend China’s national interests, noting that both Russia and China will not allow anyone to speak to them in the language of force and threat, and that they are “against interference in the internal affairs of states because every country has the right to determine its course.” choice in its development.

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