Lieutenant General Kabashi: We will not have a dialogue with “Hemedti”…and we agreed to a truce for the sake of civilians

Lieutenant General Shams al-Din Kabbashi, a member of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, confirmed that the “rapid support” rebelled against the Sudanese state, and some internal political parties, in addition to international external forces, helped in that.

Kabbashi added, in statements to the “Cairo News” channel, that “Hemeti” is just a tool used to destroy the Sudanese state, adding: “We welcomed the” truce “only for the Sudanese citizen to benefit from it and not to sit down and dialogue with the rebels, adding that the talks in Jeddah are only related to the truce. As for the matter developing to sit with Hamidti, it is completely unacceptable.

The member of the Sudanese Sovereign Council continued, according to him, that the rebel forces are moving from neighboring countries in clear violation of the armistice, and we dealt with them and we will deal with all supplies that come from abroad, pointing out that the Sudanese army succeeded in destroying supplies coming from West Africa.

Kabbashi indicated that the Sudanese army cannot strike within neighborhoods or against vital facilities of the state, and therefore the “rapid support” uses them to hide inside them, indicating that the rebel – according to his description – Hamidti cannot be trusted after today and that his strategic goal is to kill the commander in chief or Arresting him, adding that “Hemedti” claimed his control of the General Command, which is not true, and if it was true, let him go to announce from within his success in controlling it.

Kabashi concluded his remarks by saying: “I salute the Sudanese people for rallying around their army, because this is not Al-Burhan’s army; Rather, it is the army of the Sudanese people, and the issue is the issue of a homeland that we defend with all valor and heroism, adding, despite the disagreement of some with us; However, I bow out of respect for the entire Sudanese people,” explaining that what is happening now is a battle of national dignity against treason, a war imposed on us by the traitor, Hamidti.

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