Irish deputy calls on his country’s government to officially recognize the state of Palestine

The spokesman for the Irish “Sinn Fein” party for foreign affairs, MP Matt Carthy, called on the Irish government to take meaningful measures to pressure Israel internationally to end its illegal practices in Palestine, asking it to officially recognize the state of Palestine.

During a session of the Irish Parliament, during which there was a debate on the situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Karthy reviewed the Israeli aggression on the Jenin camp.

Karthi said, “The Jenin camp in the West Bank is an ideal, albeit tragic, symbol of the brutal occupation and Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people,” reviewing what the camp has been subjected to since the Nakba until now, generation after generation, of aggression, violations and crimes committed by the occupation.

“It is simply unbelievable to tell another generation of Palestinian children to wait, it is time for the world to act – it is time for Ireland to lead the way,” Karthy added.

He stressed that the Irish people stand with the children of the Jenin camp against aggression, occupation and apartheid, stressing that this message of solidarity must be accompanied by actions, and “the world must finally respond appropriately to the Israeli war crimes.”

He called on his country’s government to take “real and tangible measures to show the world, and most importantly to the children of Jenin, that we have no hand in the systematic destruction of the Palestinian people.”

Karthy criticized his country’s government for thwarting the “draft law to divest illegal investments in Israeli settlements” and for not officially recognizing the state of Palestine.

The Sinn Féin party had submitted a bill to Parliament, to withdraw the Irish government’s investments from nine international companies in which it is currently investing and whose name was mentioned in the black list issued by the United Nations in 2020 for companies that invest in settlements.

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