Egypt in international newspapers Disasters “Cleopatra Netflix” .. and Switzerland supports the return of antiquities to Egypt

During the past hours, international newspapers have shed light on the documentary series announced by the American digital platform “Netflix” about the queens of the African continent, and it embodies the role of Cleopatra, the wife of the American artist Will Smith, who is a brunette woman, so that the American platform angers historians and Egyptologists around the world, because Cleopatra’s origins are Greek. Also, all the pictures that were drawn of the Egyptian queen on the walls of the temples had European features, and the newspapers also talked about the leadership of some artists in Switzerland in an initiative to return the pharaonic mummy to Egypt again, with European countries demanding the return of all Egyptian antiquities looted during the colonial era.

Fayoum paintings reveal the secrets of ancient Egypt in the “Golden Mummies” exhibition in Manchester

The British website “The Past” confirmed that the pictures of the Fayoum mummy in Egypt are among the masterpieces of ancient painting, and in an exhibition of these paintings and golden mummies in Manchester, it aims to reveal more about the secrets of the splendor of the ancient civilization of Egypt.

And the British website stated that looking at these paintings is like a journey through time for thousands of years, as these paintings with their vibrant colors and unmistakable looks carry the secrets of a great civilization, as these wooden paintings depict the citizens of Egypt in the Roman era, which means that visitors see individuals from ancient times with features Clear.. Read more

A pharaonic mummy in Switzerland raises the issue of returning artifacts to Egypt

The Swiss “Swissinfo” website shed light on the luxurious atmosphere that accompanied the library of the Abbey of St. Gallen, which is one of the oldest and most important historical libraries in the world, and includes the mummy from Egypt, the priestess Shep in Isis.

And the site continued, according to scientists, Shep-on-Isis, the daughter of a priest, died in the seventh century BC at the age of thirty years, and the coffin in which the mummy is located is the most beautiful thing you can imagine, but is this really her original coffin .. Read more

An American report: Artwork on the mummies of Pharaonic Egypt eliminates the theory of the curse

The American “Fun Side” website said that mummy films have been a popular subgenre of horror and adventure films for more than a century, but the time has come for a new approach, as a new event presents the ancient tale of the mummy as more than a cursed corpse brought back to life but as a symbolic representation of the struggles of Contemporary society.. Read more

Indian report: Anger among historians and Egyptologists because of “Cleopatra Netflix”

The Indian “The Times Hope” confirmed that digital electronic platforms are still causing controversy around the world, but this time in the Middle East, after the “Netflix” platform chose a dark girl to play the role of Cleopatra.

And she added that this time the anger is different because it is not related to a fictional character as Disney did, but rather a historical figure with widespread images and statues, which raised questions about why Netflix chose Will Smith’s dark wife to play the role of the Queen of Egypt of Greek origin.. Read more

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