Despite Russia’s threats, why does Ukraine insist on targeting the Crimean Bridge?

Nermin Said Kamel, a researcher at the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies, said that the repeated attacks by Ukraine on the Crimean bridge aim to distract and drain Russia, as well as cut off the road linking Crimea to Russia, as Kiev considers it Ukrainian territory.

Nermin Saeed Kamel explained that the attack targeted the Crimean Bridge on Monday, and the Ukrainian army claimed responsibility for the attack, and it is not the first time that the bridge has been targeted on the peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014.

Kamel indicated, in exclusive statements to Al-Dustour, that according to the sources, the attack was carried out using drones, and despite repeated Russian denials, the bridge was severely damaged, especially on the side leading to Russian territory. However, according to Moscow, the movement did not stop completely because the bases of the bridge were not damaged.

Reasons for targeting Ukraine Crimea

Ukraine’s repeated attacks on the Crimean Bridge indicate a desire to distract and drain the Russian side, as well as to cut off the road linking Crimea, which Kiev considers Ukrainian territory to Russia. Moreover, this bridge is a major supply line for Russian forces in Ukraine, and the timing came hours before the expiration of the Ukrainian grain export agreement that was reached in July 2022, which indicates that it may be a punitive attack as a result of the Russian position, and Ukraine has recently acknowledged that it is facing difficulties in fighting, calling on the United States and other countries. other allies to provide long-range weapons and artillery.

And Kamel continued: “But even if the bridge has not completely collapsed, the most important question remains how Russia guarantees its security in the future, especially since Kiev carried out an attack this morning, Tuesday, using 28 drones, on facilities in the Crimean peninsula, but Russia succeeded in repelling it.”

Russia drops 28 Ukrainian marches over Crimea

Earlier in the day, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that 28 Ukrainian drones were shot down over the Crimea peninsula, on Monday night.

The ministry stated that 17 marches sent by Ukrainian forces were “destroyed”, while 11 others were neutralized by electronic means, noting that there were no injuries or damages.

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