Daily Mail: The air bridge to evacuate UK nationals from Sudan ends tomorrow

A report by the “Daily Mail” newspaper, this evening, Friday, revealed the details of the British government’s announcement of the end of the evacuations of its nationals from Sudan tomorrow, Saturday, noting that the United Kingdom will end the evacuation flights from Sudan by 6 pm.

The report confirmed that the British government announced the end of the air bridge to transport British citizens from Sudan tomorrow, Saturday.

“The pressure has been on to rescue up to 4,000 British nationals trapped in Sudan before the 72-hour ceasefire expires,” she added.

The announcement comes hours after German sources criticized the RAF’s conduct of the high-pressure evacuation, highlighting an incident at Wadi Saydna Air Base on Tuesday.

Evacuations from the unstable country have been fraught with difficulties, as the Sudanese paramilitary Rapid Support Forces fired on a Turkish plane earlier in the day.

The British Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Defense Secretary also confirmed on Sunday that British diplomats were flown out of the country last weekend in a military exercise involving 1,200 soldiers, after officials received direct threats.

He said there had been a “significant reduction in the number of British nationals arriving”, adding: “Every incoming British national, and their families, has been put on a flight.”

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