British meteorologists expect heavy rain during the coronation ceremony of King Charles III

The British newspaper, The Independent, said that the Met Office expected heavy rain during the coronation ceremony of King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

And the newspaper revealed that thousands of people are expected to travel to London to catch a glimpse of the monarch in a 1.3-mile procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey on Saturday.

And she explained that the day of the coronation, the weather in the south will be humid, with a rise of 17 degrees Celsius in London, and today, on the eve of the coronation, temperatures will drop with some thunder, lightning and hail, and rain will affect all parts of the United Kingdom, including London, with rain continuing in parts of the east. Scotland, and temperatures are expected to range between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius in most parts of England and Wales, according to the Met Office statement.

The weather spoils the atmosphere for the enthronement of Charles III

Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Stephen Keats said: “Another area of ​​rain is expected to move into the southwest of England early Saturday, moving east and north through the day with some heavy storms at times.

“This is likely to bring some rain into London by lunchtime. Further north in Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland, it will be a sunny and rainy day before persistent rain moves north overnight.”

For his part, dozens of fans of the British royal family began to stay in central London before the coronation of King Charles tomorrow, Saturday, and the coronation will be the largest festive event since the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth, the mother of King Charles in 1953, with a majestic show and a huge military parade.

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