Biden threatens sanctions against “destabilizers” in Sudan

The White House announced that US President Joe Biden has signed an executive order allowing sanctions to be imposed on those who “threaten peace or security and stability” in Sudan.

“I join the peace-loving people of Sudan and leaders around the world in calling for a lasting ceasefire between the warring parties,” Biden said in a written statement.

He added, “The violence that began during the month of Ramadan (last April) stole the lives of hundreds of civilians, which is unconscionable and must end.”

The US statement did not specify the individuals targeted by the potential sanctions, but Biden said, “The sanctions aim to hold individuals responsible for threatening peace, security and stability, undermining democratic transition, using violence against civilians, or committing serious human rights violations in Sudan.”

The US President emphasized that “the Sudanese have suffered thirty years under an authoritarian regime, but they have never abandoned their commitment to democracy or their hope for a better future.”

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