Arab foreign ministers: The “political solution” is the only way to end the Syrian crisis

The Egyptian, Saudi, Jordanian and Iraqi foreign ministers stressed the importance of ending the Syrian crisis through a political solution in a way that preserves Syria’s unity and sovereignty, as they indicated the need to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian and medical aid to all the Syrian people who need it.

This came during a meeting held by the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt in Amman, with the Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Faisal Al-Miqdad.

Ending the Syrian crisis

The current meeting is considered the beginning of the meetings that will take place to conduct talks with the aim of resolving the Syrian crisis humanely, politically and securityly, as the Arab foreign ministers affirmed that the priorities are currently limited to ending the crisis and removing the effects of ruin and destruction in order to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people, and to end the negative repercussions regionally and internationally with a political solution that preserves and saves the unity of Syria from terrorism and fulfills the aspirations of its people.

The ministers added that the political solution must contribute to strengthening the conditions that allow the return of Syrian refugees to their country so that the Arab country can regain its security and stability. The ministers discussed the humanitarian aspect in the meeting, stressing the need to address security and political issues so that this is reflected on the humanitarian side. The ministers and the Syrian foreign minister agreed. On the agenda of the talks, which will continue according to an agreed timetable, in a manner that is complementary to the international efforts, and includes the humanitarian situation, the security situation, and the political situation.

In the context, the Arab ministers agreed on the importance of delivering humanitarian and medical aid to everyone in Syria who needs it. The ministers also welcomed the Syrian government’s decisions to open the Bab al-Salama and al-Rai crossings for the United Nations to deliver aid after the devastating earthquake that struck northern Syria and southern Turkey.

They agreed on the importance of the voluntary and safe return of refugees to their country, considering the refugee file a top priority and the necessary steps must be taken to start implementing them urgently, in addition to strengthening cooperation between the Syrian government and the countries hosting refugees, and coordination with the relevant United Nations bodies, to organize returns. Voluntary and safe for refugees and an end to their suffering, according to specific procedures with a clear time frame.

The Arab ministers also agreed that the Syrian government, in coordination with United Nations bodies, should start identifying the necessary needs to improve public services provided in the areas of refugee return, to consider providing Arab and international contributions to them, while clarifying the measures it will take to facilitate their return, including their inclusion in amnesty decrees. the year, and intensifying work with the international community and the United Nations to push for accelerating the implementation of early recovery projects, including in areas to which refugees are expected to return, provided that the countries participating in the meeting work with brotherly countries and the international community to meet the positive steps of the Syrian government with positive steps, to build on what It will be accomplished and a political solution will gradually be reached that will end the suffering of the Syrian people and the catastrophic consequences of the Syrian crisis, in a manner that guarantees the achievement of national reconciliation.

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