An American report warns of the repercussions of low birth rates in the United States

An American report warned of the dire repercussions and consequences of declining birth rates in the United States and an aging population, according to the American “Business Insider” website.

The report indicated that the United States has already begun to decline in critical positions such as nurses, home health aides, farm workers and truck drivers.

The report confirmed that the National Bureau of Economic Research indicated that birth rates in the United States have decreased by about 20% since 2007.

And the report continued: This means that unless people start having more children, the US population may eventually start to shrink just like the population of China.

The report went on to say that the problem is not just a smaller population, but an aging population, with fewer people paying into Social Security to support the growing number of retirees and fewer workers in vital industries, including health care and agriculture, the decline in the number of Population will have serious consequences for the US economy.

The report indicated that a number of politicians suggested different ways to encourage people to have more children. Former President Donald Trump said at a conference last March, “We will support child bonuses for a new baby boom.”

But even if these policies go into effect, we still have to wait for these children to grow up before they can enter the labor market, the report said, and the economy needs more workers now. This is why a growing number of demographers, economists, and business people support allowing more immigrants into the United States as an immediate way to close the gaps.

Even President Joe Biden’s economic advisers said last March that more legal immigration was needed to boost the economy, and while immigration is a politically sensitive solution, the rapidly aging US economy is running out of options to keep itself afloat.

  • Fertility decline in the United States

The American report said that the fertility rate in the United States fell below the replacement level, which is the rate required to maintain the population, which is about 2.1 births per woman, in the 1970s, and after recovery in the 1990s and early 2000s, the rate began to decline steadily. in 2007 and did not reflect.

While the US population managed to avoid an immediate decline, population growth reached an all-time low of 0.12% in 2021.

The report indicated that some of this loss could be attributed to the death of more than a million Americans during the Corona epidemic, but the epidemic crisis exacerbated its existence in advance, as Americans are getting older, and the average age of the US population has increased by about 3.5 years since 2000, according to the Office Statistics, and the year 2021 witnessed the largest upward shift ever recorded.

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