America: a slowdown in the labor market and an increase in jobless claims more than expected

Despite the package of decisions taken by the United States of America to control the slowdown in the labor market and economic crises, the number of Americans who applied for new unemployment benefits increased significantly during the past week, exceeding expectations, reflecting the labor market conditions that are witnessing clear laxity.

For its part, the US Department of Labor revealed that applications submitted for the first time increased by 11,000, reaching 239,000 last week, and the maximum expectations of economists were that the applications would not exceed 232 in the same week.
And the responsible government agencies last week published an annual review of data that revealed that jobless claims were much higher this year so far than previous estimates, consistent with a wave of layoffs in the technology sector, in addition to other interest rate-sensitive sectors, but jobless claims were still less than 270. alpha.

The deterioration of the labor market
In the same context, economists confirmed that the increase in requests for this number during the coming period clearly reflects the deterioration of the American labor market, and during the first week of this April, the US Department of Labor announced that the country’s economy had added 236 thousand new jobs last March, including Slightly more than expectations of 230,000 jobs, February data was revised to show the addition of 326,000 jobs instead of 311,000 as previously reported.

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