Al-Burhan: The armed forces are capable of resolving the battle, but they are interested in preserving the lives of civilians

Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan said today, Friday, that the rebels are taking the citizens as human shields, stressing that there are no rebel forces outside the residential neighborhoods.

Al-Burhan added, in statements to the American Al-Hurra channel, that the armed forces can resolve the battle in a short time, but they are working to preserve the infrastructure and protect civilians, and this is a matter of national responsibility.

Al-Burhan confirmed that the Sudanese army controls all of Sudan, except for a few outposts in “Darfur,” which will be resolved soon, and commented: “It is not possible to sit with the militia commander because he is leading a rebellion, and he must be resolved.”

The commander of the Sudanese armed forces added that a tribal militia cannot talk about democracy and civil transformation, pointing out that attempts to link the armed forces and their leadership to the previous regime have become untruthful and do not miss the acumen of the people.

Al-Burhan added that the motives of the militia leadership are to control the government, and we know how they were negotiating with the political forces and what was going on behind the scenes.

He stressed that there is no way for this militia except to disappear through negotiation on how to absorb it within the armed forces or fight it from all the Sudanese people.

And the Sudanese army announced earlier that the declared truce was violated on its third day in a row by the rebels, as indiscriminate shelling and sniping continued on the General Command area and its surrounding facilities, civilian institutions and residential areas, causing casualties among civilians.

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