A shameful project.. Britain is facing public anger because of the immigration law

A barge used to house 500 asylum seekers has arrived late at a port on Britain’s south coast after a vote in the House of Lords on the controversial immigration bill cleared the way for the government’s Small Boats Act and the Immigration Bill.

And the British Guardian newspaper confirmed, in a report today, that the approval of the House of Lords and Parliament on the controversial law paves the way for the law to obtain approval from King Charles III.

Shameful law

She added that the law is an essential part of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s attempt to deter people from crossing the channel, as it prevents people fleeing their countries from applying for asylum in the United Kingdom if they arrived by illegal means, but such a law will not prevent illegal immigration, but rather increase As severe as it is, the government also hopes the changes will ensure that people in detention are promptly deported, either to their home country or to a third country such as Rwanda, which is the subject of a legal challenge.

Charities and campaign groups described the law’s passage on Tuesday as a “black day”.

“The overall bill remains unworkable and will lead to more human misery and a huge cost to taxpayers,” said Enwar Solomon, chief executive of the Refugee Council. “We believe from detailed analysis that in the first three years it will leave nearly 200,000 men, women and children in Limbo or detained on UK soil”.

While Naomi Smith, executive director of the international campaign group Best for Britain, said: “This draconian law will now give the government a green light to flout international law and mistreat refugees to distract from their failure to fix the problems they created when the Cabinet shut down safe asylum routes.”

Jenny Jones, a Greens colleague who tried to stop the bill, said it was “impractical, shameful and an embarrassment to Britain”.

And she continued, “The law did not receive approval among Labor MPs. The Liberal Democrats did well, but we failed, which is particularly disappointing.”

A Labor Lords source rejected the criticism of Jones, saying: “The reality, as the Lords Speaker’s Committee report earlier this week made clear, is that the Tories can now get 100 peers, which is more than the Bill’s backers in labor Party”.

Labor MP Stella Creasy said: “Rishi Sunak dragged the likes of Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey and Karen Brady into the House of Lords last night to win a vote to lock up refugee orphans.

And she continued, “This law will not stop illegal immigration boats to Britain, but it will exacerbate children’s crises, as this law is a great reflection of cruelty.”

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