The Minister of Agriculture follows up on the harvest and supply of wheat and praises the farmers and workers in the relevant departments

Mr. Al-Qaseer, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, is following up on the wheat harvest, as the harvest season has begun in most governorates of the Republic.

And he emphasized the directors of the agricultural directorates of the importance of continuous follow-up and communication with farmers, providing them with all facilities, and raising awareness about the use of modern methods of harvesting, which contribute to reducing losses and maintaining the quality of the crop, directing the mechanized agriculture sector to reduce fees for automatic harvesting equipment for wheat farmers.

The Minister of Agriculture also stressed the necessity of linking the harvested areas and the quantities supplied and coordinating with the officials of the Ministry of Supply and all concerned authorities, each in his governorate, stressing the need to compare the quantities supplied with the harvested areas with the targets required from each governorate.

He praised the patriotism of the Egyptian farmer and his support for his state at this stage through his keenness to supply wheat, which returns again to the people in the form of a subsidized loaf of bread (five piasters) after the state bears the cost of transporting, storing and manufacturing it, referring to the directives of the political leadership to increase the price of wheat to 1,500 pounds in support of farmers. .

He also praised the efforts of directors of directorates, researchers and all workers in agricultural departments for their permanent presence in the fields with farmers.

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