The 1,000-pound grant.. The irregular employment grant 2023 Is there a registration now?

Is there a registration of irregular employment now?


irregular employment

irregular employment 2023

Irregular Employment Grant 2023 After the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to launch the subsidy fund to serve irregular employment, the query about the irregular employment grant 2023 has become the top of Google search engines.

Inquire about the irregular employment grant

Irregular Employment Grant 2023 This link is intended only for inquiries about the Irregular Employment Grant 2023 with the national number through this link (Press here), and here are the details of applying for the irregular employment grant 2023, not for submission, as the door for registration of irregular employment 2023 will be opened after the establishment of the subsidy fund that President Sisi directed.

Have the amounts allocated to irregular employment been determined?

Irregular employment grant 2023 The worker becomes a participant, through a symbolic amount that has not yet been determined, to obtain irregular employment privileges, which are represented in 4 grants each year that include subsidies and life insurance policies that start from 10,000 to 200,000 pounds

Is there a registration of irregular employment now

According to the statements of Abdel Wahab Khedr, the official spokesperson for the Ministry of Manpower, that after the establishment of the fund, every irregular worker in Egypt will have the right to register his name with the Ministry of Manpower.

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