Specialists in the fuel sector expect a rise in the price of gasoline locally

Ammon – Two specialists in the fuel sector expected a rise in gasoline prices in both parts (90-95), and the return of the special tax imposed on the selling price of kerosene to citizens during the month of May.

Specialists Fahd Al-Fayez and Hashem Akl said that the price of gasoline in both parts (90-95) will rise by about 1.5 piasters per liter.

And Al-Fayez indicated that the increase will range between 1-2% as a maximum, equivalent to 1-1.5 piasters per liter, due to the high global demand for all kinds of gasoline, due to the start of the spring season.

He said that a decrease may affect the price of diesel by 1-1.5%, i.e. 1-1.5 piasters, but it is likely that the price of diesel will be fixed.

Regarding the freezing of the kerosene tax, Al-Fayez expected it to return as it was before, and the kerosene price to rise and fall according to international prices.

For his part, Akl expected an increase of 15 fils per liter of petrol 90 and 95, and a decrease in the price of a liter of diesel by 20 fils.

He also expected to cancel the decision to fix the price of kerosene and return to the normal price, which is like the price of diesel.

The Council of Ministers had decided to freeze the special tax imposed on the price of selling kerosene to citizens during the winter season. With the aim of alleviating the burdens on citizens, especially those with limited incomes, in implementation of the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II.

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