NIT Silchar students brutally thrash cooks, probe launched


Silchar, July 30 : A group of hostel boarders at the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Silchar, in Assam are allegedly accused of brutally beating three cooks, officials said.

According to police sources, the incident happened on Wednesday evening but only became public after a video of the students beating the cooks went viral.

According to accounts, after a boarder at a hostel reported his phone missing, the students accused the cooks of stealing the phone and allegedly assaulting them.

Biki Ri, Mona Das and Rajkumar Dhaushad were identified as the victims and they were rushed to a nearby hospital after the incident.

It has been alleged that the three chefs were continuously beaten by the students, who also kicked and punched them, as seen in the video.

Although security guards were present, they did nothing but stand by and watch as the students attacked the trio after allegations surfaced.

After receiving primary medical care at the Silchar Medical College and Hospital, Biki and Mona were released from the hospital.

Rajkumar, however, stayed in the hospital for additional care.

An FIR in the incident was launched at the Silchar police station. A senior police officer said that they have been investigating the matter.

People have complained about the incident and called for harsh punishment for the students involved in the incident.

The NIT Silchar authorities said that they have established a committee and are looking into the matter.

Source: IANS

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