How many years does the Jordanian need to collect the first million?

Ammon – Analysts prepared a study that estimated the number of years it would take for a person to collect a million dollars in various countries of the world.

According to a study conducted by analysts, a Jordanian citizen needs 134 years and 8 months to collect one million dollars.

The classification was based on the average monthly salary in 102 countries, with Jordan ranked 58th globally.

While the following countries topped the ranking:

1. Switzerland: 14 years and 3 months

2. Singapore: 16 years and 11 months

3. Luxembourg: 17 years and 4 months

4. The United States: 19 years and 10 months

5. Iceland: 20 years, 11 months

As for the Arab countries, the Gulf countries, which are rich in energy resources, topped the ranking of Arab countries, and their classification came as follows:

1. Qatar: 21 years and 3 months

2. UAE: 23 years and 9 months

3. Sultanate of Oman: 38 years and 6 months

4. Kuwait: 41 years and two months

5. Saudi Arabia: 41 years and 10 months

It is noteworthy in the report that the classification did not include Yemen, while Algeria ranked 96th (312 years and 7 months) and Egypt ranked 101st (603 years and 6 months).

Ranking of all countries included in the report:

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