Egg prices today.. consecutive decreases after Sham El-Nessim

Egg prices recorded stability on the farm and declines in the market, coinciding with the government’s release of fodder, and offering quantities of it at government outlets at reduced prices.

Today’s egg prices in farmland:

The price of white eggs today is 100.75 pounds.

The price of red eggs today is 100.75 pounds.

The price of local eggs today is 100.75 pounds.

Municipal chick prices range from 8 to 10 pounds.

Market prices of eggs:

The prices of eggs in the market ranged between 105 and 110 pounds, with the highest price of eggs reaching 3 pounds, amid expectations of further declines with weak and declining demand for them due to the end of the month of Ramadan and the school season.

Prices of white chicks today, Tuesday, at the Poultry Exchange:

The prices of white chickens on the farm ranged between 68 pounds, which are the same prices at which they are traded on the poultry stock exchange.

Market poultry prices:

In terms of poultry prices in the markets, the prices of poultry in the markets have stabilized:

The price of live chicks is 74 Hneha in the market today.

The price of chicks after slaughter is 95 pounds in the markets.

The price of an elephant reached 158 pounds in the market.

Shish prices reached 150 pounds per kilo.

Wings prices amounted to 53 pounds per kilo.

Structure prices drop to 32 pounds.

The prices of liver and giblets reached 70 pounds per kilo.

The price of Al-Faraj kofta is 125 pounds per kilo.

Agriculture continues to release fodder:

Mr. Al-Qaseer, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, announced that the release of fodder requirements is continuing in coordination with the Central Bank:
Al-Qusayr added that during the period from 4/19/2023 to 4/27/2023, 211,000 tons of corn and soybeans were released, at an estimated value of $99 million.

He added that the release included 163,000 tons of corn, at about $59 million, and about 48,000 tons of soybeans, at a value of about $36 million, as well as feed additives worth about $4 million; The total that was released during the period from (October 16, 2022 to April 27, 2023) is 4.2 million tons, including 3.1 million tons of corn, 1.1 million tons of soybeans and feed additives, with a total amount of $2 billion.

Al-Qusayr stressed that the release aims to provide quantities in the market of corn and soy, which are the basic ingredients for poultry feed, as well as farm animals.

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