Delhi HC asks parties to plant 400 saplings to put an end to ‘negative energy’


Delhi High Court

Delhi High Court. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, July 29 : The Delhi High Court has directed two families involved in a dispute over a minor issue, which has already been resolved, to plant 400 saplings in their respective areas to channel their “negative energy” towards a positive contribution to society.

The court said that each party must plant 200 trees, and the location will be chosen by the investigating officer after consulting the horticulture department.

Justice Dinesh Kumar has also suggested the possibility of geo-tagging the saplings for proper monitoring. The compliance report is expected in November.

The court quashed the proceedings in two criminal cases registered by the two families.

According to the first FIR, on March 4, 2017, three members of a family visited the complainant’s house to collect their IDs for receiving blankets distributed by a political party’s candidate. However, the complainant identified them as supporters of a rival political party, leading to a verbal argument and subsequent physical altercation.

In the second FIR, the opposite side claimed that while they were collecting IDs for distributing blankets, the other family initiated a quarrel and assaulted them. However, both parties reached an agreement later and informed the court that they settled the matter voluntarily, without any fear, force, or coercion.



Source: IANS

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