Chicken prices today, April 24, 2023 on the Poultry Exchange (details)

The consumer is always keen to know the prices of chickens and poultry of all kinds on a daily basis, as poultry prices will be displayed today, April 24, according to the prices of the poultry, duck and turkey stock exchange, where prices will be displayed according to economic variables on a daily basis. Poultry stock prices vary from one stock exchange to another.

Prices of poultry, ducks, chicks, and turkeys. Today, April 24, 2023:

The “Al-Fajr” portal presents to you details of poultry prices of all kinds, chickens, ducks, chicks and turkeys, as part of the site’s continuous service to its followers and visitors around the clock, moment by moment.

Chicken prices today

Chicken prices today

Today’s chicken prices.. All white chicken prices are on the main poultry exchange, and they are as follows: (the price of white chicken, the price of sasso chicken, and the price of local chicken). These prices are per kilo of meat. The following prices are according to economic variables and are updated on a daily basis.

Type Category Lowest price Highest price:

White chicken meat, 65.00 pounds, 66.00 pounds.

Sasso chicken meat, 76.00 pounds, 78.00 pounds.

Local chicken meat, 1 kilo, 99.00 pounds, 100.00 pounds.

White mothers meat, 50.00 pounds, 52.00 pounds.

Chicken prices today

Poultry prices today.. All types of chicks available in the market, where we show you (the price of the white chick, the price of the sasso chick, and the price of the local chick), and the age of the day is an excellent first sorting.

Chicks April 24, 2023:

Type Age Lowest price Highest price:

White chick on 09.00 pounds 09.00 pounds.

Sasso chick on 06.00 pounds, 07.00 pounds.

My chick is free for one day, 07.50 pounds, 08.00 pounds.

Poultry prices today.. several different types of ducks according to your needs, as we provide you with: (the price of molar ducks, the price of muscovy ducks, and the price of Pekingese ducks, white and colors), and the ducks are at the age of one day, excellent first sorting.

Duck prices today

Ducks April 24, 2023:

Type Age Lowest price Highest price:

French duck chick 17.25 pounds 18.50 pounds.

Muscovy duck chick 25.50 pounds, 26.75 pounds.

Mallard duck chick 32.50 pounds 32.75 pounds.

French duck meat – 74.00 pounds, 75.00 pounds.

Muscovy duck meat – 99.00 pounds, 100.00 pounds.

Mallard duck meat – 84.00 pounds, 85.00 pounds.

Chicken prices today.. Al-Rumi April 24, 2023:

Chicken prices today.. Rumi prices are different and updated on a daily basis according to the stock market economy variables for poultry. The Rumi stock prices include the following: (brown turkey price, bronze turkey price and boom turkey price).

Chicken prices today… Al-Rumi 24 April 2023:

Type Age Lowest price Highest price:

White turkey chick 70.00 pounds 71.00 pounds.

Brown turkey chick 12.00 pounds 13.00 pounds.

Bronze turkey chick 300 grams 20.00 pounds 20.00 pounds.

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