Brick prices today, Monday, April 24, 2023 in factories and companies

Today, Monday, April 24, 2023, the prices of bricks in the Egyptian local market witnessed stability and stability. The prices of brick types vary, whether red bricks, pink bricks, cement bricks, and concrete bricks, according to the demand and supply of the building materials market. The bricks have many types such as refractory, cement, and glass bricks. in the construction process.

Bricks prices today.. their types and prices in the Egyptian market:

Al-Fajr portal presents to you the details of brick prices today in Egypt in the Egyptian market, their types, category and size, as part of the site’s continuous service to its followers and visitors around the clock, moment by moment.

Brick prices brick..category and scale:

The following red brick prices are taxable and not inclusive of transportation. The next prices are per thousand bricks and its price is according to the sizes. The red brick called clay is one of the important types used in construction and building. It is the most widely used type and consists of clay and sand. It is also used in building facades of buildings.

Brick prices today.. Product Size Category Price:

Child red perforated brick 24 x 11 x 6 cm A thousand bricks 900 pounds.

Perforated clay brick 24 x 11 x 12 cm. A thousand bricks, 1500 pounds.

Clay red brick perforated 25 x 12 x 13 cm. A thousand bricks, 2200 pounds.

Brick prices today

Brick prices today.. The price of cement bricks today:

Brick prices today.. The prices of cement bricks today are according to the size (25 x 12.5 x 6 cm and other sizes. The price of the block includes tax without transportation per thousand bricks. Cement bricks are made from ordinary Portland cement, sand and sesame gravel, and in the case of using ordinary aggregate Its weight is heavier, and if lightweight aggregates are used in its manufacture, its weight is reduced by half.

Brick prices today… Product Size Category Price:

Solid cement bricks 25 x 12 x 6 cm. A thousand bricks cost 1400 pounds.

Hollow cement bricks 40 x 20 x 12 cm. A thousand bricks cost 5,800 pounds.

Hollow cement bricks 40 x 20 x 20 cm. A thousand bricks cost 8,000 pounds.

Brick prices today

Bricks prices today.. Pink bricks today.. Category and product:

Bricks prices today.. Pink bricks today, size (25 x 12 x 6 cm), include tax without delivery, and are used in destinations in beautiful colors such as pale pink, dark red, and yellow. Pink bricks are made from lime mortar and a percentage of sand, poured into blocks under pressure, Then it is fired in a continuous ignition furnace, which has a higher resistance than (ordinary red bricks) and is not used under water.

Brick prices today.. Product Size Category Price:

Pink sand brick 25 x 12 x 6 cm. A thousand bricks, 2760 pounds.

Brick Prices Today… Light White Brick :

Bricks prices today.. The block size is (60 x 20 x 20 cm) including tax without transportation per cubic meter, and it is one of the most diversified building products. Light bricks are used for internal and external walls and nerve tiles (Hordy), and light bricks are made by mechanical pressing and drying steam, and is characterized by being light in weight and heat insulating, thus saving from the burden of design loads.

Brick prices today

Concrete brick prices today.. Product Size Category Price:

Light concrete brick (density 550 kg) 60 x 20 x 20 cm cubic meter 1368 pounds.

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