Barakat: Jordan’s rank has declined in the human resources index

Ammon – Executive Director of the Jordan Strategies Forum, Nisreen Barakat, said that leadership and creativity are among the main drivers of the vision of economic modernization.

Barakat added, during her hosting of the 60 Minutes program broadcast on Jordanian television, that the Global Innovation Index, issued by the international organization, is one of the indicators through which Jordan’s performance will be measured.

She pointed out that Jordan ranks eighth in the Arab world out of 12 Arab countries, and 73rd in the world out of 132 countries.

She noted the Kingdom’s significant decline in the creativity output index, which is the result of research and development, noting that Jordan also declined significantly in the human resources index.

She stressed the need to focus on education in kindergartens. The fact that innovation and creativity are promoted from childhood, and this is confirmed by the vision of economic modernization and the roadmap for modernizing the public sector.

Regarding the treatment of the problem, Barakat explained, “In the beginning, we must recognize the problem. And the belief that this is the way forward, whether it is for positive change, sustainable economic development, invention, or creativity that is reflected in the wages and well-being of individuals in society.”

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