After the decisive response.. ways to obtain the unified card for government services

Sources in the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade revealed ways to obtain the unified card for government services, which will include more than one service that the family obtains through the card instead of providing each service on a separate card, including health insurance services, mail, and disbursement of subsidized bread and food commodities.

And Dr. Ibrahim Ashmawy, First Assistant Minister of Supply, confirmed, explaining that what was published regarding the cancellation of the ration card and its replacement with Unified Card incorrect.

The unified card is an alternative to the ration card

Ashmawy added, during a phone call to the program Happening in Egypt, broadcast on MBC Egypt: The unified card here will not only be for catering, but for many other government services within the framework of governance between ministries.

He stressed that what was published regarding the cancellation of the ration card is completely baseless news, noting that the digital economy requires the existence of a unified card for government services such as health insurance, postal services and catering through one platform and one card.

How to get Consolidated Balls

It is obligatory when requesting a unified card to open an account first in the post office with all the data including the national number and phone number registered in the name of the head of the family in one of the four telecommunications companies, explaining that obtaining the card will be through post offices.

Unified card.. optional or compulsory?

He explained that the unified card system is optional and not compulsory, continuing: Whoever wants to continue with the ration card in its current form has no problem.

The First Assistant Minister of Supply denied that the citizen would bear any financial burdens from the change to the unified card system, stressing that the number of goods provided to the citizen in the unified card would not change from the ration card.

Date and place of application

The application will be within the scope of Port Said Governorate only, saying: “The application will not be circulated at first within the scope of Port Said Governorate, but rather it will be within the limits of what will be printed from the cards from the National Post Authority, and for those families who wish to carry this card to integrate government services on one card.” .

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