A new strategy for the petroleum sector to increase participation in social responsibility

Engineer Tarek El-Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, affirmed that the petroleum sector adopts a new strategy for social responsibility aimed at achieving sustainability and uniting efforts regarding the contribution of the sector and its partners in performing its societal role to improve the quality of living conditions for local communities, and the Egyptian society as a whole, and that these contributions are an essential part of the petroleum sector’s strategy and represent One of the main pillars for achieving and implementing the sustainable development plan within the framework of “Egypt’s Vision 2030” with its economic, environmental and social dimensions.

Al-Mulla added that the axes of the action plan of the new strategy for social responsibility include education, training, economic development, health and gender equality, and environmental protection projects, in addition to participating in presidential initiatives such as the “Decent Life” initiative, pointing out that a higher committee for social responsibility was formed under the chairmanship of the Minister of Petroleum. And mineral wealth, and working groups were formed from the ministry, the Petroleum Authority, and holding companies to follow up on the implementation of social responsibility plans and projects.

El-Molla praised the constructive cooperation, whether with local oil companies or the success partners of foreign companies operating in Egypt, and their keenness and always striving to contribute and participate in the implementation of many diverse community projects that have a vital impact on citizens.

The petroleum sector has more than 120 companies that have contributions of effective value in its various areas of work, including, for example, what was allocated from the Italian company Eni during the development of the Zohr field, where 3 community development projects were implemented in Port Said Governorate, which is the establishment of a medical center that serves more than 20 A thousand citizens, a training center for developing youth skills, and a school for applied technology in the governorate. A project to establish a center of excellence within the school space is under way, with the aim of refining young people and the workforce with skills and practical training. The German company Wintershall Dea implemented a campaign to restore homes in the Desouq area in Kafr El-Sheikh, and it has already restored 200 houses. The Dutch company Shell has provided services to improve the standard of living of citizens in the Western Desert and Matrouh, and the experience of the American Apache company has provided educational programs for about 50,000 Bedouin girls, as well as training 1,000 teachers in cooperation with the American University in Cairo.

The petroleum sector also contributed about 35 million pounds to support the Ahl Masr Hospital with medical devices, the Alexandria Children’s Cancer Hospital to complete the radiotherapy building and the Children’s Oncology Center, and the Ministry of Health to confront the Corona virus, in addition to participating in the reconstruction of the village of Khor Awada, which was affected by the torrential rains in Aswan, in cooperation with Aswan Governorate and the Orman Association, where the first phase of the village reconstruction program was completed at a cost of about 10 million pounds, which included the establishment of a flood outlet for the village to avoid a recurrence of the crisis, rebuilding and furnishing 50 homes, paving roads and providing sustainable income by financing a project for each family linked to the available capabilities and skills of families. The village is being completed in two phases.

The petroleum sector is keen on sustainability in participating in the implementation of community development work through national and foreign oil companies, believing in the need to contribute to the development processes in the communities surrounding its areas of work, and this is one of the features of the petroleum business, which is known for its permanent association with development, reconstruction and facilitation. Citizens in addition to the return it achieves for the national economy.

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