21 carat now.. Gold prices in goldsmiths’ shops during evening trading

Today, Monday, gold prices witnessed remarkable stability in the Egyptian goldsmiths’ market, with 21 carat recording the most heavily traded 2165 pounds per gram, at the same closing levels as Saturday, before the Egyptian goldsmiths holiday

gold price today

Investors are awaiting the decision of the US Federal Reserve, which will hold its meeting tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, July 25 and 26, to decide the interest rate, and whether interest will be raised or kept as it is.

There are always questions about the relationship between gold and the dollar and the Federal Reserve’s decision It is worth noting that there is a strong relationship between gold and the rise of the dollar In general, whether countries or individuals are looking for a reserve, whether cash or gold, for their savings, the decline of the dollar, gold is the safe haven, and the decline of gold, the dollar is more attractive to savers.

Gold and the dollar

Here is the answer, where investors recently buy gold bars and invest in the dollar together, unlike in the past. Whoever resorts to the dollar does not care about gold, and whoever resorts to gold does not care about the dollar, but now the relationship between them has become tandem.

The Wall Street Journal reported that this strange correlation between gold and the dollar recently baffled strategists and investors, and some believe that the two will continue to move together in the foreseeable future at a time when investors focus on noticing Indicators of strength or weakness in the banks and economies of the world

Gold prices today, Monday, July 24, 2023

Al-Fajr reviews the prices of all bullets as follows

24 karat gold price today

2476 pounds per gram

22 karat gold price today

2270 pounds per gram

21 karat gold price today

2167 pounds per gram

18 karat gold price today

1857 pounds per gram

14 karat gold price today

1444 pounds per gram

Today’s gold price is 12 karat

1238 pounds per gram

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