Two hinged locations to save hopes

The result of Al-Batin’s match with Al-Hilal presented by the 24th round of the Saudi Roshan League, and the Al-Itifaq confrontation with Al-Fayhaa, postponed from the 22nd round of it, which will take place on Friday, April 14, will have a direct impact on the position of their parties in terms of competition for the title, for the leader, and a way out of the impasse of relegation. For Al-Batin, and staying away from danger for Al-Ittifaq and Al-Fayhaa, given the importance of their points and the importance of winning them.

Articulated match

The confrontation between Al-Batin and Al-Hilal, which will be hosted by Al-Awwal Stadium, is one of the crucial confrontations, with each of its two sides needing the three points, and it is a match that brings together one of the leading teams, and the one with the last position in the league standings ladder, so any point negligence from any of its two teams will affect his situation and may completely destroy his hopes. .

Threatened hopes

Despite the sporadic victories recorded by Al-Samawi since the winter registration period, this was not enough for the team to get out of the impasse in last place.

Al-Batin needs to double the effort and not neglect any of the meeting points, because this may issue a deed of relegation to the first degree, and will make his fate dependent on the results of the competing teams, and the 6 rounds that will follow his confrontation with Al-Hilal, whose total available points reach 18 points, which means that the team will not He exceeds the 33-point barrier, if he succeeds in winning all of them, which is almost difficult.

From this point of view, the technical staff will throw all its weight, and will work to narrow the spaces in front of Al-Hilal stars, and then rely on a rapid transition from the defensive state to the offensive state, but Al-Samawi suffers from defensive weakness, in addition to not focusing well in front of the opponent’s goal.

before the derby

The meeting will not be easy for Al-Hilal, who is in fourth place with 46 points, and is claiming victory, to maintain its hopes of competing for the league championship, and retaining the title for the fourth season in a row, in a historic achievement that has not been previously recorded by any of the Saudi teams since the launch of the Saudi League in all Named after the 1977 season.

Despite the leader’s offensive and defensive powers, the Hilalis fear for their team to think about the capital’s great derby, which will bring it together with its traditional rival, Al-Nasr, which affects the choices of its coach Diaz, who was criticized a lot for the poor rotation of the players, in addition to his illogical substitutions.

Dangerous bend

The postponement of Al-Ettifaq and Al-Fayhaa from the 22nd round, which brings them together at Prince Muhammad bin Fahd Stadium in Dammam, is a dangerous turning point for the two teams that want to secure themselves in the warmth zone, and to avoid the danger of slipping into relegation positions, especially since all the doors are still open, and neither of them has guaranteed his departure. And anxiety increases with the intensification of competition during the next rounds.

technical fluctuation

The agreement appeared fluctuating in the technical level during the past life of the league, and it was writing on a line and leaving lines, which placed it in the 12th place, with 24 points, and the fluctuation in the technical levels disturbed the fans of Fares Al-Dahna who expressed their anger at the team’s performance, despite the change of technical staff and the departure of the Frenchman Patrice Carteron, and the use of Spain’s Antonio Cazola.

Forfeiting today’s result will increase the team’s suffering, so Casola will throw his technical weight in order to win the difficult confrontation.

uncomfortable situation

The King’s Cup champion last season, Al-Fayhaa, was not a strong match for his competitors this season, and he lost his title, and his position in the league is not comfortable, because he collected 25 points in the 12th place, and this balance is not good, especially since the clubs that chase him increase the pressure on him, which will make the task difficult later in If the dotted orange continues.


Saudi Roshan League

Al-Batin × Crescent






Al-Batin Club

Al-Ettifaq × Al-Fayhaa






Prince Muhammad bin Fahd Stadium

– Al-Hilal wants to maintain its hopes before the big derby

– The subconscious seeks a way out of the dilemma of the last position

– The agreement hopes to avoid falling into danger

– Al-Fayhaa is looking forward to securing itself better

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