The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 achieves great achievements in the entertainment sector

The entertainment sector continued to grow as one of the vital sectors that Saudi Vision 2030 has given special attention to since its inception, as this promising sector contributes to supporting the national economy and diversifying its sources of income, contributing to raising the gross domestic product, generating job opportunities for Saudi cadres, in addition to supporting small enterprises. And the local average, and raise the proportion of foreign investment.

New business opportunities

The transformation that the Kingdom is experiencing in light of the vision and continued investment in non-oil sectors, and work on infrastructure projects, are all factors that enable Saudi businessmen and women, and the private sector, to build leading Saudi companies in various fields that generate new business opportunities and contribute to diversifying the Kingdom’s economy. and improve the quality of life of its residents.

Supporting establishments in the entertainment sector

The opportunity for the success of medium, small and micro enterprises operating in the entertainment sector has become stronger than ever, as the initiative to support entertainment facilities, which was launched by the General Entertainment Authority in cooperation with the “Kafala” program, provides these facilities with financing opportunities, and enables businesses with a coverage rate of 90%.

2022 achievements

The activities of the General Entertainment Authority during the year 2022 broke records and witnessed a race against time to make everyone happy, with the support of the Kingdom’s leadership.

The entertainment sector is developing with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 year after year, as the happiness makers initiative contained more than 45,000 training opportunities, as well as providing more than 120,000 jobs for Saudis during the year 2022, whether they are permanent or seasonal jobs.

The year 2022 also witnessed the signing of several agreements to develop the entertainment sector, and entering the Guinness Book of Records with exceptional records, in addition to concerts, local plays and international art shows.

Funding categories for establishments operating in the entertainment sector

15 million riyals for medium enterprises

5 million riyals for small enterprises

2.5 million riyals for micro-enterprises

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