Najran is white

The Najran region witnessed, yesterday morning and evening, heavy and continuous rains that covered its various provinces, accompanied by heavy showers of hail, as a result of which most of the valleys and reefs were washed away.

The sands of the northeast of the region, such as Al-Khalidah, Habbouna, Yadmah and Thar, were covered in white after they were subjected to snowfall in most of their areas, which added to the splendor and beauty of their views, while a number of reefs were flooded with cold and snow that entertained the people, so they went out to follow them.

Precipitation continues

The Saudi National Center of Meteorology expected, in its report on the weather, that thunderstorms will continue from medium to heavy, leading to the flow of torrential rains accompanied by showers of hail and active winds that limit the extent of horizontal visibility in parts of the regions of Najran and a number of its governorates, as well as in the regions of Jizan and Asir, in When the opportunity is still ripe for thunderstorms accompanied by active winds in parts of the regions of Al-Baha, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Hail, and the southern parts of the Eastern and Riyadh regions.

wind movement

The report indicated that the movement of surface winds on the Red Sea is north-northwesterly in the central and northern part, and be southwesterly to westerly at a speed of 15-30 km/h, reaching 40 km/h in the southern parts with rainy thunderclouds, and a wave height of half a meter. to one and a half meters up to two meters on the southern part.

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