Health closes 69 violating health institutions

The Ministry of Health intensified its monitoring visits to ensure the application of health requirements and preventive measures to combat infection in health institutions, as the compliance teams in the Ministry carried out (106,647) field monitoring visits during the first quarter of 2023 AD, in continuation of its efforts to raise the level of compliance with health requirements and prevention of the Corona virus ( COVID-19) and limit its spread.

The Ministry confirmed that its daily awareness-raising visits aim to raise the level of commitment of health institutions in hospitals, complexes, pharmacies, and other health institutions to health requirements, and to ensure their compliance with the preventive measures for the Corona virus, including the obligation to wear a mask inside health institutions, and the approved health practice mechanisms to manage this pandemic. and provide the necessary requirements for patient safety.

She explained that the number of penalties directed at health institutions amounted to (2567), of which (196) were imposed on hospitals, (1267) on medical complexes, (941) on pharmacies, and (163) on other health institutions. It also implemented (69) decisions that include the closure of health institutions until violations are corrected, and they included one hospital, (56) medical complexes, (3) pharmacies, and (9) other health institutions, while (622) penalty decisions issued against practitioners were implemented. The number of violations of the precautionary measures reached (6657), violations of health institutions.

The Ministry called on health care providers and health practitioners to adhere to the health requirements contained in the health systems, and the preventive measures and procedures followed in the Kingdom. In order to preserve the health and safety of patients, and to avoid imposing statutory penalties that amount to a fine of 300,000 riyals, closing the facility, revoking the license of the institution and the health practitioner, and banning it for a period of up to two years.

The Ministry of Health aims to enhance the self-monitoring of health institutions, by enabling them to assess their level of compliance with health standards through the electronic self-assessment program. Where the institution obtains a corrective period without penalty if it voluntarily discloses that it does not meet a certain health standard, with the immediate suspension of practice and activity that poses a threat to the safety of patients, while the institution loses the opportunity for a corrective period, and penalties are imposed on it if it does not disclose such violations that Monitored by the compliance teams during the auditing process of the evaluation form carried out by the institution.

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