Foreign Policy: Saudi Arabia is a great dynamic power and the undisputed leader in the Middle East

The American newspaper “Foreign Policy” said that Saudi Arabia has become an important economic player and a dynamic force with great popularity in the region, stressing that it is very popular in the Middle East region, due to its strength and influence in a number of economic fields. Leaders have communicated over the past year with the kingdom’s leadership.

Leader without rival

And the American newspaper stated that over the past year, Saudi officials have been assuring everyone that the Kingdom has become an economic center for the global economy, a great dynamic force and a leader in the Middle East without a competitor.

“Foreign Policy” said that throughout the past year 2022, world leaders have paved the way for Crown Prince and Prime Minister Prince Muhammad bin Salman for economic and political goals, starting with arms contracts, through increasing oil production and other important matters.

Most popular in the Middle East

And the analysis of “Foreign Policy” added: In fact, if a country fails to rise, Saudi Arabia achieves it. A recent Gallup poll of people in 13 Muslim-majority countries showed that Saudi Arabia was the most popular in the Middle East.

Help the people of the region

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia seeks during this period to lift the burden on many Arab peoples and the Middle East region, especially in cases of calamities and deteriorating economic conditions. many nationals of friendly countries.

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