Flights adhere to the Corona vaccine

After the World Health Organization announced the end of the global emergency for the Corona virus, and that the virus is no longer among the divisions of dangerous viruses that threaten human life, sources explained to “Al-Watan” that travelers via airlines for foreign trips still require them to obtain 3 doses of the Corona vaccine, while travelers Through domestic flights, they are required to obtain two doses of the vaccine, and travel is limited to domestic flights for those whose condition appears on the Tawakolna application (immune, complete doses of the Corona vaccine), in addition to the age group under 12 years, as well as groups exempt from receiving the vaccine according to the health status through the application. We trusted.

Apply actions

The global health announcement caused confusion among many travelers who were prevented from traveling through foreign trips for not taking the stimulus dose, at a time when the Saudi Ministry of Health and the Public Health Authority did not issue any clarifications regarding the continuation of the vaccines or not, while the sources confirmed that the passports continued to apply the previous procedures without Change, which includes the condition of receiving 3 doses of the Corona vaccine, or if no more than 3 months have passed since receiving the second dose, with the exception of age groups who are under 16 years old, according to what appears in the Tawakkolna application.

Hajj vaccinations

The Ministry of Health stated that the pilgrims for the Hajj season this year, for those who want to perform the rituals of Hajj from among the pilgrims inside, must receive vaccinations, including the Corona virus vaccine for those who did not complete the immunization with the three doses, as well as receive a dose of the meningitis vaccine, and who did not receive the vaccination during the past 5 years, also be He took a dose for seasonal influenza, and the Ministry confirmed that vaccinations are required from now until 10 days before Hajj.

Corona vaccine requirements and doses

1- Traveling abroad: receiving two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, in addition to the third booster dose

2- Traveling for citizens and residents inside Saudi Arabia: get two doses or be immunized in Tawakkulna

3- Exclusion from the vaccine: Ages under 16 years old, or those who are excluded from taking the vaccine

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