Entertainment that supports the psyche of Jazan inmates

A recreational trip drew a mental health support map for 56 inmates with disabilities, affiliated with the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center in Jazan, which reflected positively on them, and filled them with joy and happiness, as they spent a recreational day in Jazan resorts and amusement parks, with the participation of female workers and affiliates.

8 goals

The recreational trip achieved 8 goals represented in: providing the opportunity to enjoy spending their free time, introducing joy and pleasure, breaking the routine, supporting mental health, modifying behavior towards positive paths, occupying leisure time with benefit and interest, creating a fun atmosphere, and enjoying activities.

Continuous plan

The department supervisor, Halim Shahar, confirmed that the activities are continuing, through which we seek entertainment, as part of the ongoing plans for the activities and programs of the center, noting that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is keen to integrate the beneficiaries through field trips, with the rest of the community, as they are an integral part. From him, because this is due to the great positive impact on their souls and their giving to society, praising the role of those in charge of the amusement park, to provide the opportunity for inmates with disabilities to spend the most beautiful times.

Scheduled activities

The Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center in Jizan continues to implement scheduled programs and activities on a daily basis, and draws joy on the lives of the center’s inmates, and works to integrate them with healthy people. Visiting resorts, Al Hokair Time amusement parks, and various entertainment programs that meet the needs of female guests.

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