A fraudulent marriage for a 103-year-old woman

Social media users circulated a photo whose publishers claimed it showed a 103-year-old woman in a wedding dress.

However, this image is not real and is the result of the use of artificial intelligence programs, as its designer confirmed to Agence France-Presse.

In the picture, an elderly woman appears in a wedding dress, and the accompanying caption read, “This woman is getting married at the age of 103.”

The image received hundreds of posts and thousands of comments and interactions on several pages on social networking sites.

However, several elements raise doubts that this image is real, including the blurring of the head and between the woman’s hand and the bouquet of flowers, which indicates that it may be the result of an artificial intelligence program.

In addition to the suspicious elements, according to Agence France-Presse, there is a watermark under the image with the name Malik Afegbua, whose search led to an Instagram account of the same name, belonging to a Nigerian artist who usually publishes designs using artificial intelligence.

At the top of the posts in the account appears the circulating image of the woman in a wedding dress, and she was attached to a set of similar pictures, next to which a story was written with the word “imagination” appended.

The Nigerian designer confirmed to France Press that this group of images is also the result of artificial intelligence, and he used the “Medjourney” program to design it and the “Photoshop” program to make adjustments to it.

And he previously talked about using artificial intelligence software in designs that focus on the elderly during an interview he gave to the BBC channel, after his work was widely spread on social media.

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