455 accredited evaluation bodies for specifications and standards

The Saudi Standards and Metrology Organization accepted 70 new conformity assessment bodies in various fields, bringing the total number of accepted bodies since the beginning of the acceptance program in 2016 until 2022, the number of bodies reached 455. The activity of accepting conformity assessment bodies aims to ensure the efficiency of all outputs provided by those bodies, especially with regard to verifying the conformity of goods and products covered by the technical regulations issued by the Saudi Standards and Metrology Organization. This service also aims to verify that conformity assessment bodies meet the acceptable limit of competence. Technical and administrative capacity in accordance with relevant international standards, ensuring fair competition between conformity assessment bodies that will be appointed and delegated, and these requirements are among the most important pillars of the product safety program to ensure the continuity of fulfilling the conditions and requirements of impartiality, transparency and objectivity.

Field follow-up

The authority also played during the reporting period the field monitoring role of the approved conformity assessment bodies by adopting a plan for field follow-up of these bodies and starting its implementation to ensure the continuity of the efficiency of these bodies and the quality of their outputs during the acceptance period with the authority, as 14 field follow-up visits were carried out to enhance the control atmosphere during the year 2022, In addition, 6 new fields have been introduced to accept conformity assessment bodies, where many new fields have been included within the requirements of the technical regulations recently issued in the acceptance program, and many bodies have accepted them, in addition to launching an electronic platform to accept conformity assessment bodies for all activities and start accepting bodies through them. .

Follow up on the application of regulations

During the reporting period, the authority implemented, in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, 1,002 awareness mobile about the regulations and specifications for suppliers and manufacturers, targeting local factories and warehouses.

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